March 7, 2023

PHV trainings for development of small projects

The second round of the PHV trainings has been completed in frames of the PHV program for 2023. 37 trainings were carried out in the field, which were attended by about 1,100 young people. This is the second round of the series of three trainings. In some Red Cross branches, the third round of trainings has already been completed, while the remaining ones will be implemented in the next few days. At these trainings, the young people are introduces to the program in more detail, and they are provided with more information about their local problems, the ways they can make changes, they are briefed about what is the meaning of the concept of beneficiaries and their challenges, what are the possible objectives and what are the expected responses. But most importantly, the trainings took place in an excellent mood, in a positive atmosphere, and young people were encouraged to respond and believe in their abilities and capacities.

In each Red Cross branch there is a responsible disseminator, who provides support to the group and follows them through the process of research and implementation of small projects.

The program has been operating for more than 25 years in the country!

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