May 2, 2018

PHV Trophy

Traditionally, each year a PHV trophy is awarded within the PHV program. It is a prize for the branch organization, actually for the disseminator and the whole group of young people who have made small projects, projects that make permanent changes in the community. This year we have a total of 22 small projects with a Sun from which Radovis-4 projects, Kocani-3 projects, Ohrid-3 projects, Gostivar-3 projects, Veles-2 projects, Prilep-2 projects, Vinica-1 project, Kavadarci-1 project , Negotino-1 project, Strumica-1 project and Center-1 project. The Red Cross branch Radovis this year is the holder of the PHA trophy because of the number of developed projects awarded with the sun. The manifestation for the awarding of the trophy will take place before the end of the month where in front of a number of audiences, parents, representatives of the target groups, volunteers as well as the father of the city –The Mayor  it will be presented a presentation of their results and the work that we are all proud of.

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