November 6, 2022

Presentation of the process “Transformation 28” before the presidents of the Red Cross branches / CRC Skopje / RCRNM

In the period 4-6 November 2022, a meeting was held in Struga with the Presidents of the Red Cross branches, City Red Cross of Skopje and the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as members of the Governing Board of the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia. One of the most important topics attention was the presentation of the process of “Transformation 28”, namely, the finalization of the consultative phase and the identified primary areas that will be in the focus of the transformation process in the next 5-year period. Initial thoughts were presented within 25 identified areas for which the participants expressed their support and preparedness for give active contribution in the upcoming period. All the participants stated that there is a need for introduction of certain development reforms in the organization to ensure efficient operation and progress for meeting the needs in communities.

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