June 6, 2019

RCA-PHV final workshop – 2019

The final RCA-PHV workshop was conducted in the Red Cross Training Centre Solferino I Struga in the period of May 31 – June 02. 62 youth members, 16 disseminators, 3 guests and 7 instructors or total of 88 participants worked on presentation of small projects developed during this year’s RCA-PHV cycle. The youth had an opportunity to get to know each other, to work on the topic of culture of values and promotion of activities of the Red Cross. On the workshop, the youth received guidelines for implementation of activities in frames of the PHV week which will be marked in the period of September 21 – 27.

During the workshop, the youth developed a TV show within which different approaches were developed for presentation of small projects, and they also prepared non-verbal play for purpose of presentation of the trainings and the field activities – development of small projects and made a film for participation on the final workshop.  Through the exercise “Tribes” the youth, separated in groups, had the opportunity to create and present their own culture, and through the exercise “Man don’t get angry” the participants competed with knowledge on Red Cross. The objectives of the workshop were accomplished with lots of positive energy and nice atmosphere. Representative of ICRC (which supported the programme from the very beginning from 1998), participated on the workshop. 

The PHV programme represents a tool for recruitment and retention of volunteers in the youth clubs in each city.  During the year, total of 1.091 youth representatives were trained and they invested 34.027 volunteer hours and implemented 150 small projects assisting more than 3.000 people. 

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