May 23, 2019

RCA-PHV preparatory workshop

In the period of May 17 – 19 a RCA-PHV preparatory workshop was held in Struga, second of this kind this year. It was attended by around twenty RCA-PHV instructors who examined and evaluated all 150 small projects developed by this year RCA-PHV generation. Each project was evaluated by two instructors and due to the good results, many projects were presented on a plenary session in front of the whole team. The overall process was very inspiring since some of the young people made significant and long-lasting changes in their communities. One of the most important things is the visibility in the community and the promotion of the Red Cross emblem and the organization. Besides the joint work and the enhanced capacities of the team members, a joint iftar dinner was organized so the team members had the opportunity to learn the culture, customs of the instructors with Muslim religion, in the spirit of the RCA-PHV programme which promotes peace, tolerance and joint life.

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