May 12, 2017

Round table: „ Opportunities and challenges for employment of socially vulnerable persons “

On May 11, 2017, at the Macedonian Red Cross there was a round table discussion on “Opportunities and challenges for employment of socially vulnerable persons” under the project “Take action for better competitiveness in the labor market”, funded by European Union, which is organized in partnership with the Chamber of Crafts Skopje.

The project goals are compatible with the objectives of the national employment strategy and a strategy for reducing poverty and social exclusion in the country and confirms the development of social programs to support the vulnerable target groups in order to improve their competitiveness in the labor market.

The event was attended by Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross Mr. Sait Sait, Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahimi, President of the Chamber of Crafts Skopje, Mr. Nikola Petrov and many other participants in the project and media representatives.

The event was opened by the Secretary General of the Macedonian Red Cross, Mr. Sait Sait who noted that through this project the Macedonian Red Cross together with its partners, for 40 people at social risk and long-term unemployed will enable them to prepare to engage in social and economic life by creating income for themselves and their families, which will contribute to reducing vulnerability and social exclusion. Also hopes that today’s roundtable will produce specific proposals and conclusions that will contribute to improving conditions and employment opportunities for these groups that would alleviate unemployment among disadvantaged individuals.

A statement was made by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahimi, who noted that for reduction in unemployment and involvement in the labor market of socially vulnerable groups who are registered as persons who are long-term unemployed, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, actively and continuously is preparing offers and implements measures, actions, laws and strategies relating to the regulation of labor relations and their improvement, protection of the rights and safety of employees, solving problems of unemployment and ensuring social security of people at social risk.

Also at the event there was addressing by the President of the Crafts Chamber of Skopje, Mr. Nikola Petrov, who stressed that through the implementation of these project activities the chamber will increase participation in the labor market of long-term unemployed people with involvement in the supply of labor force in the craft sector.

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