February 12, 2021


On February 11, 2021, the fourth RCA-PHV online workshop entitled “Self-care” was held. It was performed by a licensed psychologist, Gestalt psychotherapist and long-term PHV instructor Ivana Marincek. The workshop was attended by 138 participants, volunteers from various Red Cross branches. Of the participants who completed the evaluation in the form of a survey through which they evaluated the workshop, 93% said that the workshop was very useful, 82% that it was very interactive, and 91% said that the workshop was interesting. Everyone, ie 100% would recommend the workshop to their peers.

Some of the comments are: This workshop made me think about what I want to do for myself; to think a little about myself, not just others; one of the most beautiful workshops I have ever attended; I liked the interaction with the listeners; with each subsequent workshop I realize that I was not at all wrong to be a part of this.

Next Thursday we continue with the new topic “Communication and public speaking, presentations-techniques and tips”. During 2021, 40 workshops will be held aimed at strengthening the capacity of young people in the ranks of the Red Cross.

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