March 24, 2023

Study Visit from the Red Cross of Georgia

As part of the project “Mitigating the effects and consequences of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable people in the society with a special focus on older people”, funded by the Austrian Ministry of Social Work, Health, Consumer Care and Protection – in the period of 20-23 March 2023, four representatives of the Red Cross Georgia visited some of the services of the City Red Cross of Skopje. The focus of the visit was on the services for the elderly, primarily at home, but also in day care centers.

During the visit they had the opportunity to visit the Training Center, Care Center and local offices in Karposh and Kisela Voda, Button, Day Care Center for the Elderly, the Blood Day and the Emergency Button.

The success of our organization in the development of all these services for the elderly was a significant factor for these representatives to choose our national society to share positive practices that they want to develop in their country.

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