July 24, 2023

Study visit of the EB team in the Red Cross Graz, Austria

Within the project ,,  Supporting INclusive development of community-based long-term CARE services through multi-stakeholder participatory approaches / InCARE’’, supported by the European Commission     , in the period 19-22 July, four participants of the EB team conducted  a Study visit in  Red Cross Graz, Austria.

During the visit, the team of Emergency button at the RCNM- Red Cross  City of Skopje had the opportunity to get to know in detail the services that are available in Red Cross Graz. The focus was primarily put on services for the older population, such as home care and the Emergency button.

During the visit, the largest call-center for the Emergency Button service in Austria and the region was visited. The team had the opportunity to see how the emergency calls are established, and how the call response protocol and emergency intervention protocol work. In addition, a presentation was made of the vehicle fleet and the equipment that the vehicles have for the special transport service. In the emergency interventions section, the team attended a simulation of resuscitation with a defibrillator.

One of the key points of this visit was the insight of the functioning of the mobile application for first responders in an emergency, as well as the software solution for the Emergency Button service.

During the visit itself, experiences were exchanged in the area of common challenges that the teams are facing, and also potential common points for further cooperation were found, especially in the area of the provision of first aid in emergency situations.

The Study visit, as such was of great importance for the improvement of the work of the services offered by the RCNM through the Red Cross City of Skopje, due to the opportunity to get knowledge and upgrade from someone as the RC Graz, which is with many years of experience.

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