March 22, 2021

Supporting INclusive development of community-based long-term CARE services through multi-stakeholder participatory approaches (InCARE) – “EaSI PROGRESS AXIS’’ funded by the European Commission within the “EaSI PROGRESS AXIS ”.

In November 2020, the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, started as a partner the implementation of the project Supporting INclusive development of community-based Supporting INclusive development of community-based” funded by the European Commission within the “EaSI PROGRESS AXIS ”.

The project aims to promote a participatory, innovative and integrated approach to setting and creating national policies for long-term care and social service development with a focus on aspects such as instrumental systems sustainability and innovation capacity: adaptive collaboration processes of more stakeholders, evidence-based decision-making, capacity building and joint partnerships.

The project approach is designed to address the complexity of long-term care systems and societal challenges, in order to provide adequate, affordable and sustainable support to the aging population in European countries.

The InCARE project aims to improve the well-being and access to adequate and accessible care for the elderly population, whose needs arise from their cognitive or functional impairments, as well as by their formal / informal caregivers.

The Red Cross of North Macedonia, within the project, is focused on piloting the innovative approach through the Emergency Button service and its integration into the home care package. As beneficiaries of the service, 50 elderly people will be selected who need support and care. At the same time, through the Nursing Training Program, the Red Cross of RNM will provide 60 trained carergivers who will receive greater support to improve their theoretical, psychosocial and practical skills.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of North Macedonia and the Ministry of Health of North Macedonia, as policy makers, together with the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia will conduct research activities through detailed analysis of the state of the long-term care system and the relationship of socio-economic, demographic and epidemiological situation of our country, while focusing on identifying sustainable social policies and raising the level of social innovation in the system of long-term care and care for the elderly population.




Duration of the project

November, 2020 – October, 2023


European Commission; EUROPEAN CENTRE / ECV Austria

Other partners

 Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of RNM

Involved Stakeholders:

 London school of economics & political science lbg (LSE / CPEC), United Kingdom

Fundacion instituto gerontologico matia ingema (MATIA INSTITUTO), Spain

Stichting vilans (VILANS), The Netherlands

Instituto de mayores y servicios sociales (IMSERSO), Spain

Eurocarers-association europeenne travaillant avec et pour

Les aidants non-professionnels (EUROCARERS / EUCA), Belgium

Chance b holding gmbh (CHANCE B), Austria



256,721.63 €

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