September 14, 2016


On September 14, 2016 the US Embassy in Skopje is marking the US National Day of Service and Remembrance of the Victims (September 11) with blood donation action and action for collecting food items in cooperation with the Red Cross and Institute for Transfusion.

Participating in the blood donating action and collective action for groceries, all volunteers had the opportunity of a noble way to support that is designed to help those who most need help. The objective is that all people, regardless of their religion, ethnic origin or race, come together and do something for a common cause.

This day inspires hope and reminds us that humanity and philanthropy should be raised to en even higher level, to continue the tradition that has lasted for eight years and become synonym of the modern changes.

Today’s blood donation and collection action are symbolic contribution for our community, activity that articulates the diversities transforming them into humanitarian effects. This is the message we want to send today from here. Let this day today remind us how important is to be together, to donate and give part of ourselves for others, to think of those who need help, those who need us.

The past cooperation with the US Embassy, among other things, reflects the social responsibility of its employees and it represents an example of established partnership between our nation and the American nation, particularly in terms of provision of joint care for our citizens – stated Mr. Sait Saiti, Secretary General of Macedonian Red Cross.

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