March 1, 2022

Training for PHV mentors

On the last day of February, training for PHV mentors was conducted within the National Program “Red Cross in Action – Promotion of Human Values” (PHV program). In the year when the program is transformed more at local level, we placed the emphasis on the work of disseminators, who will provide additional support as PHV mentors. They are PHV instructors with long experience in conducting trainings and working with young people,  developing small projects> Some of them were members of the PHV youth who developed small projects for the benefit of the community or they were PHV disseminators in their Red Cross branches.

This year, 9 mentors have applied. They will support 4 to 5 local disseminators through an organized system of meetings and channels for easier communication.

This year, 41 disseminators will be involved through the PHV program and they will provide training for 820 young people at the age of 13 to 17 in 28 cities across the country.

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