May 4, 2023

Training in CMC for developing communication skills and coping with stressful situations of E-112 operators

The Red Cross, in cooperation with the Crisis Management Center, conducted training on the topic “Communication skills and coping with stress”, in the direction of prevention, care for employees, and enhancement of the quality of work for all recipients of emergency calls in Sector E – 112 in CMC.

The training was also visited by the director Stojanche Angelov, who emphasized the importance of the quality of the trainers according to the trainings carried out so far, pointed out that stressful situations and work under pressure in Sector E-112 is something that for the employees is everyday work, which in the beginning of the work is not seen as burdensome, because that is the nature of the work, but over time it can affect the health of the employees. Therefore, in addition to improving communication when receiving emergency calls, in case of accidents, such trainings are in the direction of prevention and care for CMC employees as well. Practically, with the specific training in cooperation with the Red Cross, for communication during emergencies and coping with stress, investments are made in taking care of the personnel who are in direct communication with citizens who call in case of emergencies E-112 in CMC.

The training that is implemented in CMC, for identifying and coping with stress, planned in cooperation with the Red Cross, enables employees to acquire knowledge applicable in the work environment. The lecturers from the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia successfully conducted the training according to international standards and transferred the knowledge to the employees, the participants of the training. In particular, it is training for practical understanding of stressful situations when communicating with citizens during individual emergencies, and during various other accidents and disasters, when their lives and those of their loved ones are at risk. These trainings are also activities that mean providing modern techniques for coping with the stress that is inevitably present when receiving emergency calls.

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