March 7, 2017

Training for psychological first aid in crisis situation for volunteers

In the period 03-05.03.2017 at the training center Solferino in Struga, within the project Psychological first aid in emergencies and disasters, with the financial support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, there was a training on Psychological first aid in crisis situations. This was done in cooperation with representatives of the Croatian Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and it was in order to train new volunteers who would participate in the future needs and activities of the Macedonian Red Cross.

The training was attended by 28 participants, volunteers of the Red Cross and representatives of the Chamber of Psychologists (with whom the Macedonian Red Cross has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation).

By realising this training the Macedonian Red Cross is strengthening the capacity of the national society in the area of ​​psychosocial and psychological first aid for an adequate response to the needs in future emergencies or disasters

The participants had the opportunity to meet more closely the activities that the Macedonian Red Cross has realized especially in times of disasters and emergencies, as well as in the main provision of psychological first aid in crisis situations, the roles and tasks of volunteers in providing psychosocial support and first psychological aid, recognition of symptoms of trauma, stress, disorder among people in these situations, access, first contact, the way of communication and the necessary actions for their support, and the support of volunteers / helpers and care for themselves.

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