October 7, 2020

Work meeting with representatives of the Austrian Red Cross

On October 6, 2020, a meeting with representatives of the Austrian Red Cross was held at the premises of the Red Cross of RNM, regarding the implementation of a new project cooperation under the name “Integrated care and business development of services for the support of the Red Cross of RNM”.

The duration of the project is 3 years and is financed by the Austrian Agency for Development and co-financed by the Red Cross of RNM and the Austrian Red Cross. The purpose of this project is to get expansion of the services for the elderly people and through integrated care and services to the elderly population to be offered an adequate protection.

At the meeting was discussed the manner of the project implementation and the project components were also presented. This project also aims to establish a new model consisting of three main pillars from which is further expected to generate income for the care and services for the elderly population. The health and social services are one of the basic business activities that the Red Cross of RNM has been offering since the beginning of its existence. Traditionally, the Red Cross of RNM offers these services free of charge to the most vulnerable categories of citizens, but for a further organizational development, the Red Cross of RNM envisages and aims to transform some of these, through the principle of creation of social enterprises, as an incorporated part of the Red Cross, or as a ,,spin off,, i.e. subsidiary independent further companies.

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