October 4, 2018

Working meeting between the representatives of the WHO – the office of Skopje and the Macedonian Red Cross

On the initiative of the President of the Macedonian Red Cross, Prof. Dr. Roman Velev, a working meeting was held today with the representative and head of the World Health Organization in Skopje, Dr. Jihan Tavila.

On the meeting, the President Prof. Dr. Velev and Dr. Tavila exchanged opinions and information on the present and future cooperation between these two organizations, and enhanced the preparedness of the Macedonian Red Cross for further advancement of this cooperation, in order to contribute to the improvement of the health system in our country. 

Regarding this, taking into consideration the actual conditions and priorities within the health policy of our country, several priority areas that are of mutual interest for both organizations, where action should be taken in the future, were identified.

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