July 14, 2020

Working meeting with Miriam Klinkenberg

Тоday, the team of the Operations Center, and international trainers for promotion of hygiene as well as persons with experience in international missions in the area of water/sanitation and promotion of hygiene, held a meeting with Miriam Klinkenberg, expert in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene promotion.

The expert is hired by UNICEF to deal with COVID19 and also to help prepare a WASH assessment of schools and hospitals in Macedonia.

The experiences and activities of the Red Cross of RNM in the area of water, sanitation and promotion of hygiene as well as the activities during COVID19 were presented at the working meeting. During the discussion, opinions and experiences were exchanged on the condition of the educational institutions, the level of awareness as well as the opportunities for capacity building and strengthening of the communities, as well as further activities in this area.

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