November 18, 2021

Workshop for Cash and Voucher Assistance within the Project “Strengthening the Resilience of the older persons and persons with disabilities during COVID 19 and future crisis”

The Serbian Red Cross organized the workshop for cash and voucher assistance within the Regional Project “Strengthening the resilience of the older persons and persons with disabilities during COVID 19 and future crisis” in the period of November 8 to 12, 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia. The project is funded by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency. The objective of the workshop was to gain knowledge and skills for applying the cash and voucher tool to support vulnerable target groups of population. The workshop was attended by 24 representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia, coordinators of the regional project, the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, the Red Cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albanian Red Cross and the Red Cross of Montenegro. The Red Cross of RNM was represented by staff from the HQ, the Red Cross of the city of Skopje and the Red Cross Branch Bitola. The facilitators of the workshop were representatives of the Austrian Red Cross.

The project envisages activities in four thematic areas to ensure the protection of the mental health and building resilience by providing services for psycho-social support to older persons and persons with disabilities, to provide assistance with cash transfer; to strengthen local communities by providing support for small micro-project grants at local level for the implementation of various social inclusive activities for the older people and people with disabilities and to provide evidence-based policy recommendations for long-term care services during COVID 19.

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