June 4, 2024

“World Changers Summit 2024 – VATICAN

At the invitation of the Academy of Sciences – Vatican within the Institute for Advanced Studies and Cooperation, the Secretary General of the Red Cross of RNM, PhD. Sait Saiti participated in the third edition of the “World Changers Summit”, in the period from 28.05.2024 to 30.05.2024 in Vatican. The summit is a forum of distinguished  persons and scientists from different parts of the world in the field of business, development of innovative technologies and humanitarian action. The event was opened and led by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia is one of the many supporters and sponsors of the event, including other national societies, humanitarian organizations, business companies and scientific institutions. For the promotion and support of the activities of the Red Cross of the RNM, during the event the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the RNM presented several awards of the Red Cross of RNM, namely a Gold Emblem to the Vatican Television represented by the director Dario Edoardo Vigano, and a Silver Emblem to Lan Tschirky, Director of Lan To Capital, Beth Mikel, President of Simple Innovations and Founder of Reign of Unity, Dustin Plantholt, Strategic Brand Leader, Jessica Word, Director of Word & Brown Agency and Robert Edward Grant, Director of Crown Sterling Limited.

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