July 7, 2022

123 small PHV projects

June 24th was the deadline for the delivery of implemented PHV small projects. 123 small projects have been delivered by the responsible disseminators through the Red Cross Branches.

In the past two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a slight delay in the implementation of the program, it was based more on theory than on practice. But the number of implemented projects shows that young people are really eager for a unified approach that gives excellent results for them, for the beneficiaries and for their entire community. They devoted their free time, networked with each other, cooperated, motivated themselves, they made assessments of the needs in the community, implemented activities in order to achieve the set goal. They helped people at risk, people with certain obstacles and difficulties, supported centers that work with these people, promoted culture and learned about each other and acquired skills that will offer them a better future.

Congratulations to the disseminators, to the PHV instructors, to the secretaries in the Red Cross Branches, to the youth, to the supporters, to the media, to the collaborators, to the parents, to everyone who enabled the youth to realize the changes.

After reviewing and evaluating the small projects, we will have the opportunity to share the results with the number of people helped, the number of volunteer hours invested, the number of realized activities… and many other things.

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