May 2, 2018

150 small projects

Within the framework of the National PHV Program, which included 26 Red Cross branches  this year, 1,167 youth were trained and 105 field trainings were conducted by the disseminators and instructors. A total of 150 small projects on culture as a system of values were developed community care and projects in the field of social humanitarian activity. In a period of two months youths, with the support of their disseminators and the professional service, locate the target groups, investigated their needs and implemented a series of activities in order to collect the necessary funds for completion of their project. The youth grouped into smaller groups (no more than 6 people), animated the whole community and realized a series of activities in which many times included their parents and teachers in order to reach the set goal. Out of the total number of 106 projects are rated at the highest stage,stage 5.

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