April 29, 2024

188 small PHV projects

Excellent results this year within the PHV program – a program for recruiting and retaining volunteers in the Red Cross. 1200 young people aged 13 to 17, guided by 40 disseminators from 33 local Red Cross branches, mentored by 11 mentors worked on an AMAZING 188 small projects for the benefit of the community.


They received training, formed small teams, assessed needs, carried out activities such as sports competitions, bicycle races, fundraising events, and theatrical performances and raised funds for implementation of projects to help people at risk, environmental and intercultural projects.


All well promoted in their environments, but here are some pictures and details about some of them:


  • In Probishtip they decorated the stairs in the House of Culture
  • In Prilep, they raised funds for inhalers and air purifiers for the Children’s Hospital.
  • In Kumanovo – an exhibition of vintage cars was organized with the aim of helping little Jovana.
  • In Veles, young people organized a humanitarian race to help a deaf person.
  • In Kisela Voda, they created a classroom in nature.
  • In Veles, an eco-park was created from recycled materials in a school.
  • In Gostivar, they renovated a room for a person at risk.
  • In Radovish, they renovated an entire home of a person at risk.
  • In Kavadarci, they collected 300 books for a school in the village of Vozarci.
  • In Struga – Eco project was implemented.
  • In Gostivar, an intercultural project was implemented for promotion of traditional costumes, food and language.


And many other things. Hardworking children, positive role models, drivers of change in our community. Young people who got out of their comfort zone and showed that they have the ability to change, to lend a hand and make this world a better place to live.


Small projects fully documented will be delivered on May 10th!

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