May 9, 2022

Address of the President of the Red Cross of RSM, Prof. Dr. Romel Velev on the occasion of May 8 – the World Red Cross Day and the Red Crescent

Every year in the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent we celebrate May 8, the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, in honor of Anry Dunant, the founder of our Movement, who was born on May 8, 1828. On this occasion, the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies on all continents in the world organize appropriate activities to emphasize the importance of the fundamental principles and values ​​of the Movement and to express gratitude and appreciation to all our volunteers and supporters for the support they provide for Red Cross. Starting from today until May 15, we traditionally celebrate the Red Cross Week of the Red Cross of RNM with appropriate activities throughout our country.

The Red Cross was originally founded to help the wounded on the battlefield, but over the years the Red Cross has carried out a number of other activities to meet modern challenges and offer help and support together with our partners to people that need us and who expect that from us as one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world.

The past period has been marked by several crises that have spared no one and particularly affected the most vulnerable – from the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of climate change, humanitarian crises, to the escalation of armed conflicts in the world. In these difficult times full of challenges, more than ever, we need to go back and remind ourselves of the importance of one of our founding principles. “Humanity”.

This year, we celebrate May 8, the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day under the motto: Be kind. We want to remind people of one of the core values, the meaning of kindness and humanity, of all those small and big deeds that make us people and that make a positive difference in the lives of people who need support.

There is no person who remains indifferent when someone shows him kindness and humanity but also each of us is filled with a wonderful feeling when we do something nice for the people around us. In a situation where people are constantly worried about the COVID-19 pandemic, economic hardships, disasters, conflicts and the presence of increasingly obvious divisions among people for various reasons, small acts of humanity mean even more to people. They remind us that humanity and a helping hand can make a big difference in the lives of people who are struggling and need support.

That is why today we send a message to be even kinder and more humane to our fellow citizens, friends, neighbors or colleagues – to listen to their problems, to give them modest support, a gift or a warm word, to make their lives a little happier and more pleasant. Our personal example of humanity, no matter how small, will encourage people around us to do the same, to do something good for the people around them. Our support, whether it is home-cooked food, money, used clothes, advice or a warm word for someone can mean a lot. Let these small acts of humanity unite us and hope that they would constantly multiply. To have a more human and kinder environment.

And the little things can get big. As is the Red Cross. It started as a hidden wish of the founder of the Red Cross Movement, Anry Dunant, after the battle of Solferino when he wanted to help the wounded on the battlefield, and it grew into the largest global humanitarian organization in the world.


Every good deed of ours is an incentive for our citizens to join us in our mission to help people who are in an unfavorable position. Finally, let me call on all of us to make our modest contribution to a more humane society in which the dignity and well-being of our citizens will be paramount.

Thank you for your attention

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