April 20, 2017

Creating of new employment opportunities of women

In the frames of the project “Creation of new employment opportunities of women”, in March and April began the process of selection of candidates for caregivers of elderly.

During this period, the project team conducted three sessions for presentation of the project before the 103 long-term unemployed women at the Employment Agency – Skopje. The team presented the main objectives and activities covered by the project. Emphasis was placed on the benefits of training for carers, increasing competitiveness in the labor market, strengthening personal skills and employability.

Over fifty candidates were included in the selection process that includes a brief interview, sociological and psychological questionnaire. The desire for professional empowerment and interest in this profession has motivated our candidates to reverse this call.

In the same period, a team of three experts have created a program for the training of carers for the elderly in order to further be certified. By visiting the verified program candidates who successfully complete the training will gain a certificate which is recognized in the country.

The training will consist of theoretical and some practical experience at home (pilot services) that will be implemented over a period of six months (June to November) and will lead the professional team of doctor, nurse and social worker .

The project “Creation of new employment opportunities of women” is implemented by the Macedonian Red Cross in partnership with the NGO Humanity, Skopje and the Austrian Red Cross and is funded by the European Union under the Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 -2013 (IPA component 4).

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