May 2, 2013

Public debate in Radovish, R. Macedonia. Response to climate challenge on local and national level

October 27th 2012, the last rising awareness activity of the Climate Reaction Network was conducted within the IPA SEE Forum on CCA.

The activity was conducted by CSO DECERE form Radovis in form of public debate and workshop under the subject Response to climate challenge on local and national level.

Several representatives from local government were present who express their openness to cooperate with the network members from that particular region and to support the network in future activities. Also the network will be included in the development of local documents by the local government when environment will be treated.

Also the local expert from CSO CELOR Stole Georgiev presented the situation in Radovis and the natural disasters that constantly affect the region as a result of climate change. He presented the floods in the region with particular emphasis on the flood that happened in 04.12.2008 which caused human and material damage.

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