July 2, 2019

“Diet by blood type and healthy lifestyle”

Within the program for organizing and promoting blood donation in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, a blood donation seminar on the topic “Diet by blood group and healthy lifestyle” was organized by the Macedonian Red Cross. The seminar was held in the period from 27-30 June 2019 in the hotel “Solferino” in Struga with the participation of 32 people.

The diet was according to pre-prepared menus and recipes, different for all blood groups, served on separate Swedish masses, according to world literature, macro-biotic food, tailored to the summer season and fruit and vegetable products present in the Struga area.  At the beginning of the seminar, the participants had the opportunity to complete a test for assessing their knowledge regarding the topics and topics. All the participants of the seminar had the opportunity to be involved in the biomedical measurement of structural, functional and metabolic indicators using appropriate medical equipment, measuring blood sugar levels and general parameters for body weight and height. 

The organizer prepared and supplied materials in the form of manuals according to blood groups, poster and flyer for blood-grouping, blood-group t-shirts and Vital for each blood type.   The entire seminar was recorded by the Macedonian Radio Television and it will be broadcasted as a documentary film.

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