November 21, 2017

“Elderly Care Week”

The Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia from November 20 to 26, 2017 marks the “Elderly Care Week” under the motto: “We are all their children”.

The aim of celebrating the week is to raise public awareness of the need for increased integration of the elderly in all spheres of social life, as well as the need to provide care and assistance to the elderly.

Within the framework of the Regional Project “Taking Action for Social Inclusion of the Elderly”, financed by the European Union, financially supported by the Austrian Red Cross and the Austrian Development Agency, implemented by the Macedonian Red Cross in a joint partnership with the Humanity Association, is support for the celebration of the week, for which promotional materials are leaflets with convenient content for informing the elderly about their rights from social and health care.

In the frames of the project last year, a network of citizens’ associations for social inclusion of the elderly people – IncluzivaM, which members were included in the celebration of the Week, was established.

The Macedonian Red Cross in cooperation with the association Humanity on November 21, 2017 will organize a press conference in order to share the results of the conducted research on the need for social and health services of the elderly. On November 21, a panel discussion will be organized on the topic: “The need for social and health services for the elderly”, which will also present the results of the research, the conclusions and recommendations that arise from the made analysis.

During the week through the Red Cross branches and the City of Skopje, as well as the members of IncluzivaM, the following activities will be organized: action for free blood glucose monitoring and blood pressure of the elderly, workshops with representatives of governmental institutions, civil and private sectors to encourage active aging activities, visits to old, lonely and frail people in their homes, especially in rural areas, involving young Red Cross volunteers and engaging in health care our employees (grant aid, free checkups etc.), educational workshops on topics of interest to the elderly, creative workshops, recreational activities, sports competitions, as well as thematic workshops to promote social inclusion of the elderly.


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