July 16, 2019


Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

The Red Cross is an organization that works to promote and protect the health wellbeing of citizens. One of the many aspects that the organization covers is the First aid. In accordance with the Law on Road Traffic Safety, the Red Cross performs first aid training for candidates for motor vehicle drivers.

Our organization is actively monitoring the situation related to traffic accidents, the data from the Ministry of Interior shows that in 2016 there were 165 victims in road accidents and 5,971 injured persons, in 2017 155 victims and 6224 injured persons, and in 2018 133 victims and 5860 injuries.

The main causes of traffic accidents include speeding, failure to comply with rules of priority, non-compliance and direction of movement, irregular movement and turning, use of mobile phones and driving under the influence of alcohol.

These data warn that the first aid function should be raised at a higher level given the fact that it is a rapid vital intervention aimed at saving human life, reducing the complications of injuries and disabilities.

With properly provided first-aid on the spot of a traffic accident, these numbers can be reduced, BUT HOW?

From now on, the Red Cross is conducting a free summer campaign to refresh first-aid knowledge to existing drivers. The aim is to refresh the knowledge of drivers, to raise public awareness of the need to provide first aid in traffic in case of an accident and to influence decision makers in the country for the needs of improving the quality and knowledge of first aid in the daily living with a special emphasis on drivers.


For this purpose, free refreshing courses for drivers in the 33 Red Cross branches will be held. In total there will be included 8000 drivers.

The Red Cross invites you to attend free refresher courses that will be held in every Red Cross Branch on the territory of our country in the period from 15 July to 15 September.



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