February 3, 2015

Humanitarian assistance to the affected families – reducing the consequences from the floods

The heavy rains in Macedonia lately (25,26,31.01 and 02.02. 2015)  have brought spill of the rivers from the river banks, spill over the dam Kalimanci causing numerous consequences on the infrastructure, agriculture and homes of the population in several regions in the country. Macedonian Red Cross through its branches sent teams to assess the humanitarian needs of the affected population. According the gathered information on field the most affected municipalities are: Kumanovo, Shtip, Strumica, Kochani, Prilep(Krivogashtani) and Bitola. Macedonian Red Cross in cooperation with the governmental institutions at national and local level started with distribution of humanitarian assistance to the most affected families from the floods. Humanitarian assistance was distributed to 15 families with food parcels in the villages Puhche and Stepanci, 22 families got food, hygiene and 66 blankets to the municipalities Radovish and Konche, to 20 families food and hygiene parcels and 60 blankets in Kochani and 50 hygiene parcels, 30 food parcels, 30 matrasses, 300 blankets and 700 l. bottled water in municipality Shtip. Macedonian Red Cross permanently follows the situation and is in constant communication and coordination with the governmental institution at national and local level. poplava_3 poplava_1

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