May 22, 2018

International training exercise for flood preparedness and response “Kresna 2018”

In the period from 14-18 May 2018, in the area of ​​Kresna, Republic of Bulgaria, organized by the Red Cross of Bulgaria, an international training exercise for flood preparedness and response was held and was attended by representatives from the Red Cross of Bulgaria, Red Cross of Romania, Red Cross of Hungary and the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia.

The main goal of the training was to raise the capacities of the volunteers / representatives of the National Societies as well as to strengthen the resilience, to raise the efficiency of the response in case of disasters at regional level and to exchange experiences in the field of emergency response.

The training sessions were realized in an interactive way through the exchange of experiences, the organization of working groups and practical fieldwork. Participants in the training were divided into 2 groups (basic and advanced) and the topics that were elaborated during the training were: water safety – theoretical part, practical exercises for moving in the river, first aid, work with rescue ropes, techniques and navigation with boats, make-up trainings / realistic presentation of injuries, water, sanitation and promotion of hygiene, radio communications, simulation exercises.

Two international trainers for promotion of hygiene in disasters joined the training of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia, who held an educational lecture through interactive exercises on the basics of water purification and the importance of promoting hygiene in disasters, with special emphasis on floods. In addition to the short workshop, real / practical field experiences in the event of a flood response as well as the work of the Macedonian Red Cross with the water purification station (at the local / national level as well as at the regional / international level) were shared.

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