June 24, 2021

Main planning conference for the 19th NATO exercise “North Macedonia 2021”

The Main Planning Conference for the 19th NATO Exercise “Northern Macedonia 2021” was held in Ohrid, in the period of 7.06-17.06.2021. The Conference was organized by the Crisis Management Center of RNM. About 140 representatives from 17 countries and three international organizations participated in the Exercise Planning Conference. The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, as part of the crisis management system, actively participated with its representatives.

The purpose of the conference was to compare field and conference observations of the scenario exercise tasks and to present their own capacities for the upcoming exercise for joint response to natural disasters that will be held in the Republic of North Macedonia in September 2021.

The Red Cross of RNM, with representatives of the NATO planning team, actively participated in the preparation of locations for water rescue, mountain rescue, and medical security of the participants in the final exercise, preparation of a base for operations, provision of markers and make-up makers for markers.

The Red Cross of RNM will participate in the exercise with eleven specialized teams (74 people in total) and part of the vehicle fleet (5 vehicles and 5 vessels) and logistics facilities (tents and mobile kitchen).


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