March 17, 2018

March 17th

In anticipation of the March 17th, the Day of the establishment of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia and the Day of Blood Donation in the Republic of Macedonia, the Macedonian Red Cross this year marked the day working and solemnly on March 16th. The working part began with the holding of the Third Assembly of the Macedonian Red Cross Assembly for the mandate period 2017-2021. Pursuant to the provisions of the Statute, the new Rules of Procedure of the Assembly were adopted at the session, the Work Program and the Financial Plan for 2018 were approved, and the Annual Report on Work and the Annual Financial Report for 2017 were adopted. Dr. Sait Saiti, Secretary General of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia and Saso Taleski, Head of the Department for Programs at the Central Office of the Red Cross, presented their addresses to the present. Dr. Romel Velev, President of the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia addressed the solemn event at the Sguare 21 Hall in Skopje, addressing the role, tasks and goals of the Organization. March 17th is an important day for blood donation, and the support comes from the Healthcare Ministry and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine. The official event is enriched with the presence of the heads of these institutions Dr. Venko Filipce, Minister of Health and Dr. Kocho Dimitrovski, Director of the Institute for Transfusion, who emphasized the cooperation with the Red Cross and the humanity of the blood donors. With the Decision of the Managing Board of the Red Cross of Republic of Macedonia, the three most successful Red Cross branches – Center,Veles and Vinica – were awarded with financial resources, while a total of 18 (eighteen) branches organizations that exceeded the blood donation plan for 2017 received recognitions-plaques, in accordance with the Program for Organizing and Promoting Blood Donation in the Republic of Macedonia, which is passed every year by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Congratulating this holiday, the Macedonian Red Cross honors and gratifies the present and future blood donors who save one’s life with the act of blood donation, as well as all volunteers and members of this most massive humanitarian organization. Congratulations on Red Cross and Blood Donation Day in the Republic of Macedonia.

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