November 28, 2023

Meeting of national coordinators for mental health and psycho-social support

The national coordinator for mental health and psychosocial support from the Red Cross of R. North Macedonia attended the meeting held from November 21 to 22, 2023 in Budapest.

Looking back over the past approximately 18 months on mental health and psycho-social support capacity development efforts within the Ukraine Emergency Response Appeal, National Society Coordinators were better guided and prepared to respond to challenges and needs of mental health in the coming year. 18 National Societies involved in the IFRC Emergency Appeal on the crisis in Ukraine and affected countries were present for a meeting to exchange between colleagues, celebrate and showcase achievements, share lessons learned and how to respond to challenges.

 The objectives of the meeting were to celebrate the success within the development of the capacities of mental health and psycho-social support and service provision, peer-to-peer exchange on lessons learned, achievements and challenges within MHPSS capacity development and programming, guidelines for strategy development and sustainability of mental health and psycho- social support.

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