October 31, 2019

Meeting on development of the national societies of Red Cross / Red Crescent Europe

OD meeting was held for the persons responsible for the development programs in the Red Cross / Red Crescent national societies from Europe, in the period 21-23,10,2019 in Budapest, Hungary,. The meeting was attended by 48 representatives, including representatives of national societies, ICRC and IFRC regional offices, a representative of the IFRC Governing Board, a representative of IFRC/ICRC Joint Statutory Commission, and a representative from the IFRC Secretariat from Geneva. The purpose of the meeting is to monitor the implementation of the 2013 ND Development Framework and the proposed amendments to the document that will be proposed for adoption by the General Assembly in December 2019. The emphasis was placed on sharing development experiences in the area of leadership in organizations, financial stability, and quality of services, volunteers, youth, statutory changes and development of strong branches. The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia was represented by Vladimir Vukelic.

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