December 15, 2020

New project cooperation

The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, in October 2020, started a new project cooperation with the company Business & Strategies Europe. The aim of thе project is to mitigate and overcome the consequences caused by the COVID19 pandemic, by supporting the vulnerable population and establishment of a system for Psychosocial Support and First Psychological Aid.

The project envisages strengthening the skills and knowledge of the vulnerable categories of citizens, as part of the informal economy, in providing personal assistance to the elderly population and people with disabilities. 15 people will be trained and certified, for caregivers at home, who will also receive support in promoting their skills on the labor market. The project also envisages strengthening of the capacities and knowledge of the volunteers and employees in the Red Cross of RNM, in the areas of Psycho-social support and First Psychological aid for the population in crisis situations and peaceful times. The activities will contribute to a successful establishment of a national team for providing the services. Additionally, 40 employees and volunteers from the RCRNM will be trained for providing PFA PSS and PFA PSS for telephone lines, as well strengthening the capacities through 4 supervision sessions, which will help in the selection process of the best 12 training providers-disseminators for providing future trainings for PSS and PFA.

Company introduction

Since its creation in 1991, Business & Strategies Europe has designed, managed and led international development projects in Governance, Communication, Justice and Security on a global scale, with field experience in more than 110 countries. B&S Europe later joined the GOPA Group in July 2013, now combining a wide range of expertise and relying on an expert database of more than 20.000 experts.

At B&S Europe, we are convinced that mutual understanding is the key to ensuring the success of a lasting partnership and the formulation of relevant and effective solutions to the challenges faced by countries seeking development. Our approach is based on broad understanding of the players, context and issues that characterize each of the projects for which we use our expertise.

Therefore, rather than relying on exogenous solutions, we advocate for more consultation and knowledge sharing. With more than 30 years of experience in implementing institutional support projects and accompanying state and non-state actors in supporting local governance, strengthening the rule of law and setting up institutional communication, we are effectively testing our ability to develop, collaborative with our partners, unique, adapted and sustainable solutions specific to the context in which each project takes place. 

B&S Europe has been managing projects in the Republic of North Macedonia since 2014 and currently is leading the implementation of 2 technical assistance EU funded projects and 2 FWCs.

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