November 8, 2019

Participation in a partnership meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

Participation in a partnership meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria


Partnership meeting within the framework of the ERASMUS Project “Safe Schools and Kindergartens: Developing an Online Platform for Safe and Well-Prepared Primary Schools and Kindergartens”, was held in in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria in the period of 06-07.11.2019. , The project is implemented in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Austria.

The purpose of the meeting was to present and discuss current activities related to the expected results such as:

  • first aid and disaster preparedness and response platforms and next steps;
  • discussion and finalization of activities related to on-line and face-to-face trainings in accordance with the adapted versions of each country as well as aspects of evaluation of the activities
  • presentation and discussions on each country’s policy recommendations
  • exchange of experiences related to dissemination, advocacy and lobbying activities
  • planning, financial and administrative activities related to implementation
  • Presentation of the evaluation report and setting of indicators

This partnership meeting was attended by Jasmina Kuzmanovska – Head of Sector for Programs and Mobilization of Funds and Majlinda Mustafa – Head of Department for Public Relations and Branding Standards. The next Partner Meeting will be in Skopje on 28 – 29.04.2020.

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