August 26, 2022

PHV Week, September 21-27

Traditionally, every year the PHV week is marked in the period September 21 to 27, in every Red Cross branch. The idea is animate the youth during the week, to network with the community, before all with the schools, where potential volunteers come from, but also to promote our Red Cross emblem which ensures better brand presentation in the country. On the other hand, the purpose of celebrating the week is the promotion of peace, tolerance and coexistence through mutual activities and networking. This year, two things will be organized, that is, two target groups will be covered, the students and the Youth Club volunteers.


Because of the COVID situation, our interaction with the schools has been significantly reduced in the past two years. This year, during the week, we would like to strengthen that cooperation so that the recruitment of volunteers goes on more easily.


An art competition will be organized on the topic “Promotion of human values”. It will be implemented in the elementary schools and is intended for the youth in 6th and 7th grade and the youth in 8th and 9th grade. Anyone can participate, and the drawing technique is of the student’s choice. Young people can freely use their imagination. The drawings should be sent to the Red Cross branches and subsequently they will submit them to the City Red Cross of Skopje. The drawings should be sent by e-mail, which means that the drawings must be photographed  (without using flash) with natural light, JPG format accompanied with the child’s name, grade, age, school, city, drawing technique (eg Ana Silkovska, VII- 14, M. Milevski-Prilep, watercolor). Each RC branch should send all drawings together. A committee consisting of three academic artists will select the best drawing in both categories. The prize is a weekend for the whole family in Struga, for the most successful in both categories. After the selection, the original awarded drawings will have to be delivered to the City Red Cross of Skopje.


A poster is also made which should be used for promotion and easier communication with the responsible teachers in the schools. The time frame is also written in it, that is, the competition should start and be announced on September 12, and the drawings should be submitted on PHV email: no later than September 27.


In parallel with this, the second target group will be the youth from the Youth Clubs of each Red Cross branch. They will be assigned to develop a template for a poster for the PHV program for the next year. The best poster will be used to promote next year’s activities. The poster should contain the PHV program logo, the year, and something interesting that would disseminate the program and would be of interest for the young people to apply, to have the opportunity to make friends, to develop small projects, to provide assistance. The poster should have interesting and appealing content that would draw the attention of young people and should contain a positive message. Each CSO can make one or more posters. The posters have to be developed in one of the drawing computer programmes. Also, the posters should be completed and delivered by September 27. Attention should be paid to the logo, it should have less text and it should be written in both Macedonian and Albanian languages.


Good luck with the creative work!

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