April 12, 2024

RCA-PHV field activities

All the Red Cross Branches, which carry out activities as part of the Promotion of Human Values program, are very active. The young people are in the field and are divided into smaller groups. Guided by their responsible disseminator, they locate target groups that need help and support. In each city, an average of 4 small projects for the benefit of the community are being implemented, which involves research, organizing activities, community mobilization, lots of promotions and visibility. The projects are of an intercultural, ecological or social character, depending on the need and the research.

The period for complete development of small projects is May 10 and by then we expect finalization of more than 120 small projects. We also expect a lot of knowledge sharing, changed lives of the target groups, a lot of new friendships with the volunteers, but also with the children with special needs and tracing the path of humanity that many generations before this generation have already walked through!

Together we can do more!

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