November 20, 2018

Regional meeting on the topic “ Restoring family links “

From November 12 to 15 in Belgrade was held  the fourth regional meeting of the 10 National Societies, which is part of the Regional Information Center, coordinated by the  International Committee of the Red Cross in Belgrade with representatives of the national societies  of Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Hungary and Albania. During the meeting  various topics were discussed related to the migrant crisis and the activities for Restoring family links.

All national societies had their own presentations on the current situation with the migrant crisis, with a special emphasis on the topic of Restoring family links. Particular attention was paid to the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a country in which the migration crisis especially this year escalates, the possibilities of the experiences of the national societies that have been working intensively on this issue in this recent situation.

On the topics discussed at the meeting,  the most attention was paid to the novelties that the International Red Cross Committee introduces in the area of: emergency travel documents on restoring family links  between two countries, activities with families whose members are fighting in foreign armies, Tracing servicies as part of the protection program, the introduction of a data base, novelties in the use of the website for Restoring family links of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and with particular attention, the topic of preparation New Strategy of the Movement of Restoring  family links.

At this meeting a representative of the Regional Office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies was present, who discuseed  on  topic * Restoring  family links  in crisis situations  as an integral part of the disaster response programs and the meaning of  involvement of Tracing services in trainigs for   Disaster Preparedness and Response.

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