June 5, 2024

Results of the PHV programme – 2024

Young people once again proved that they are the real heroes in our community. 1200 young people with the support of 40 disseminators, 11 mentors and 33 Red Cross branches developed 169 small projects. Of them, 117 were rated with the highest rating – phase 5, 49 projects – phase 4 and 3 projects – phase 3.

A total of 39 developed projects received a “sun rating”, projects that resulted with long term change in someone’s life. These projects were developed in Probishtip 5 projects, Karposh 3 projects, Gostivar 3 projects, Ohrid 3 projects, Kumanovo 3 projects, Prilep 2 projects, Chair 2 projects, Negotino 2 projects, Radovish 2 projects, Kisela Voda 2 projects, Kavadarci 2 projects, Vinica 1 project, Bitola 1 project, Kriva Palanka 1 project, Shtip 1 project, Center 1 project, Veles 1 project, Gevgelija 1 project, Skopje 1 project, Demir Hisar 1 project, Kichevo 1 project.

To our common satisfaction, for the first time 21 Red Cross branches have developed projects with a sun rating, which indicates that there is significant improvement in the quality of the development of projects.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the excellent results, to the changes made in the community, to the support provided to young people, to the encouragement of volunteerism and to the building of lasting values.

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