October 21, 2022


Invited by the Cultural – Information Center of the Republic of North Macedonia in Zagreb, the Secretary General of the Red Cross of RNM PhD. Sait Saiti, attended an event dedicated to the promotion of the book “PRIĆE IZ NAŠEG MLINA”, on October 20, 2022.

The publication “PRIĆE IZ NAŠEG MLINA” is the cradle of Croatian nursing, and speaks about the years of their education, about the professional practice at the Zagreb clinics, the nurses-teachers and others who taught them, and their work in various health and other institutions, meetings for anniversaries of graduation and reflections on Croatian nursing, healthcare and a few other things they talked about on those occasions.

The book is written on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the school, the 40th anniversary of their graduation and their return to Ohrid, in North Macedonia, to repeat their graduation trip.

It is a book for every nurse and for all those involved in nursing in any way, but also for all those who come into contact with nurses as their patients, colleagues, family members or friends. In order to better understand their primarily humane vocation and to support them in the performance of this hard and responsible work.

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