June 2, 2016

Second RCA PHV final workshop – Cycle 2016

The second final workshop within the program RCA-PHV was held in the center of Solferino in Struga in the period from 27th until 29th of May. 76 youths and disseminators presented the projects that they have been working on in the past two months. During the final workshop, the youths shot a movie, prepared TV shows, learned about the culture and the teamwork and received guidelines for preparing a PHV weekend that each year is hosted from 21st to 27th of September.

Young participants were part of this year’s RCA-PHV cycle that involves having 3 trainings from which the first one was for dissemination, the second one was on the matter of how small projects are made and the last one was oriented to the ways of documenting. Youngsters who attended the workshop were chosen as the best ones, since they made projects that made permanent changes in the community and they had number of volunteer hours while they were preparing the projects. They also had an original idea and promotion of its results. In this year’s cycle, 184 small projects were made by 1108 youths, for the benefits of the community. Young people are supported by the professional service of Red Cross branches, but also by its disseminators who receive unified training.

The youth of this workshop were granted as positive examples in their community and were motivated to continue with their volunteer work and certainly encouraged to make changes in the community.

The program this year is supported by the program from the CIVIKA Mobilitas.

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