September 14, 2021

September 11

Dear Mrs. Kate Marie Byrnes, US Ambassador to the Republic of North Macedonia, Distinguished representatives of the Embassy, distinguished representatives of institutions, diplomatic missions, blood donors, volunteers, media representatives, ladies and gentlemen.

Today we are once again reminded of September 11, 2001. A tragedy that took many lives of innocent people. That event taught us how to be, united, in solidarity and humane in difficult times.

20 years have passed by since September 11, 2001, and it is still a painful memory not only for the American people but for the entire advanced world.

At today’s event, each of us in our own way and with a personal example can offer help to those who need that help. This is an opportunity to articulate differences and turn them into humanitarian effects. That’s the message we want to send together today from here. Let today remind us how important it is to be together, to give and set aside a part of ourselves, to help the vulnerable population, to help those who need help, those who need us.

In the past two years we witnessed the consequences of the global pandemic of COVID-19, which was reflected in all pores of life and strongly affected the collective and public health. It took many lives, caused numerous sufferings that unfortunately we could not prevent. However, this was an opportunity to once again express the humanity and solidarity that on this occasion surpass the local, regional and gain global dimensions. We are strongly convinced that solidarity with each other makes us more united. Being in solidarity with others is a universal feeling that helps us overcome the sufferings of the past and the present and to look to the future. Today we show solidarity with all the victims of COVID-19, which shows that no one in this world should be forgotten.

In dealing with the pandemic, the main burden in the ranks of our organization was borne by our volunteers. We had hired over 600 volunteers who dedicated over 126,000 volunteer hours, gave help and support to over 200,000 citizens. We have been a strong supporter of the health system in tackling the challenges of this pandemic. The contribution and support provided by the volunteers not only improves the lives of the vulnerable population but also improves the lives of the volunteers themselves.

I am convinced that every person can be a good volunteer, to give part of his free time, to make available his personal and professional capacities as a lifeguard, as a helper, firefighter, and volunteer in service to help the vulnerable. Having people of different ages, with different ethnicities, religions and genders is a real wealth and capital. The Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia possesses all that.

Emphasizing the importance of today’s event, I also emphasize the greatness of all those who are involved as volunteers in the community. These are positive examples, people who motivate and inspire, people who live humanity and solidarity as part of their own life routine. They are here among us, heroes who constantly remind us of the positive humanitarian values.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me extend to all of you my personal gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the Red Cross and its beneficiaries.

Dear Ms. Byrnes, Special gratitude to you and your staff for opening the doors of the Embassy and once again giving all of us the opportunity to set a personal example and a sense of contribution, and promotion of humane values.

Thank you for your attention today.

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