July 29, 2021


The Summer Youth Camp 100% Red Cross was organized in the period from 15-21.7.2021 in the training center Velestovo, Ohrid, in accordance with the annual program for youth work of the national society.

Thirty-two youth representatives from twenty-nine Youth Clubs from the Red Cross branches and the City Red Cross of Skopje took part in the summer camp. The camp was an opportunity for young people from the whole national society to get acquainted in detail with the youth organization and work in our organization and then to give their innovative contribution to the development of their Youth Clubs.


What did the summer youth camp cover?

Module 1 – orientation session for youth work and organization within the organization, adapting to changes and needs of the environment and community mapping;

Module 2 – tools for recruitment of volunteers and members in the Youth Club, programs for different age categories of young people, programs for working with primary and secondary school students and students;

Module 3 – volunteer management, leadership as a skill and recognition of leaders in the Youth Club, motivation of management structures in the Youth Club and volunteers / members and other tools for volunteer management;

Module 4 – annual planning in the Youth Clubs, processes of determining the needs of the community, strategic planning and Youth Strategy 2021-2025;

Module 5 – new perspectives in youth work, lessons learned from Covid-19, activities and tasks after the camp;

The young people left the camp with knowledge about youth organization, motivation to support the promotion of the Youth Clubs from where they come from and of course new friendships and good memories.

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