May 30, 2022

The Red Cross sent humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population

Today, the Red Cross of RNM sent a truck load of humanitarian assistance for the affected population from the war in Ukraine. The assistance consists of 1,200 food parcels and 400 hygiene parcels.

This is a second shipment of humanitarian assistance for the citizens of Ukraine. Few days ago a smaller quantity of aid was sent in a collective shipment, and this is a complete shipment. The Secretary General of the Red Cross of RNM PhD. Sait Saiti stated that previously, 400 hygiene kits were sent, so the total humanitarian assistance for Ukraine so far consists of 1,200 food parcels and 800 hygiene parcels amounting to MKD 3,290,000, provided by citizens, companies, as well as the Red Cross of RNM stock reserves.

The Red Cross also provides support for the Ukrainian citizens residing in our country. So far, 307 people have been registered in the country and the Red Cross mainly provides them with clothes, food, hygiene items, health services and language learning.

Within its possibilities the Red Cross can support the people from Ukraine who stay in our country until the end of the summer. The Red Cross introduced Macedonian language courses for interested Ukrainian citizens staying here. So far, 37 persons expressed interest for language training, of which 20 children and 17 adults. During the summer, one vacation is planned for the children from Ukraine in the resort in Struga.

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