March 14, 2022

Training for PHV Disseminators

On March 10 and 11, training for PHV disseminators was conducted within the PHV cycle for 2022. A total of 40 disseminators were trained, on a proposal of their respective Red Cross branches. These people want to work with young people and want to make positive changes in their communities. For easier work and more space for questions, the disseminators were divided into two groups, on both days. The training lasted for 4 hours in which the disseminators were introduced to the PHV program, the activities to be implemented at local level, their responsibilities and the support they should provide to young people in the process of developing small projects, as well as their PHV mentors.

This year, 9 PHV instructors have applied for PHV mentors, and they will provide additional support to the disseminators and guide them through the whole process for better implementation of the program in their environment.

Each youth organization will include 20 young people or a total of 800 young people and it is expected that each Red Cross branch will develop about 4 projects to be implemented in the community and to promote intercultural action. Total of 150 small projects are expected to be developed and implemented in the whole country.

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