February 13, 2024

Training for PHV professors-disseminators in Kosovo

In the period of February 9-10, 2024, a training session for PHV professors-disseminator was held in Kosovo. The training was conducted on basis of the signed Memorandum of Cooperation with the Red Cross of RNM for purpose of implementation of the PHV program as a positive model in the area of youth recruitment, development of small projects for the benefit of the community and promotion of peace, tolerance and culture.

20 disseminators from 6 Red Cross branches involved in this pilot phase were trained and motivated. As support, several volunteers from the same branch organizations are included. A national coordinator has been appointed who will provide support during the implementation of the three trainings.

The training is expected to result with 300 trained students and 30 small projects developed.

The national PHV coordinator from the Red Cross of RNM will provide mentoring support throughout the year for purpose of better and easier implementation of the program.

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