May 25, 2022

Training in prevention, care for employees and increasing the quality of work in E-112

In the period from 16.05.2022 to 20.05.2022 the Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia held trainings for prevention and care for employees and increasing the quality of work for all recipients of emergency calls in Sector E – 112. The trainings were conducted with incorporation of experiential learning methodology, through which the operators were able to practice techniques and learn how to deal with complex situations with callers and to obtain essential information.

The trainings covered different topics, such as communication, psycho-social support systems, stress management techniques and prevention of burnout. The acquired learning is in function of increasing the efficiency, cooperation and resilience of the 112 operators.

The Red Cross is always available as an auxiliary to the state authorities and through its system of psycho-social support continues to provide support to institutions and the vulnerable population.

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