May 22, 2018

Training of volunteers for providing First aid and realistic presentation of injuries

In the period from 17-21 / 22.05.2018 in the training center Solferino in Struga, within the First aid project, and with the financial support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, volunteers were provided with trainings for providing First aid and Realistic presentation of injuries (training for makeup artists).

The First aid training was attended by 26 participants, and the training for makeup artists was attended by 27 volunteers of the national societies and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje.

The participants in the training for providing First aid, had the opportunity to get acquainted closely with the activities that the Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia realized especially in times of disasters and situations of crisis, as well as had the opportunity to get familiar with topics that are not covered in the basic first aid trainings, upgrading their capacities and improving the skills for providing first aid in various situations and injuries and improving their capabilities for timely intervention if a need arises. 

With the training for makeup artists, the volunteers had the opportunity to get acquainted and gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in realistic presentation of various injuries, wounds and medical conditions. The volunteers who participated in the training will have the opportunity to use the skills they have gained in this training and assist their national societies and the Red Cross of the City of Skopje in organizing various events, first aid competitions, etc. in order to capture the real picture of the imaginary scenario that they will have to prepare. They will have to paint/make various injuries on the dummies that will be given to them and thus contribute to the success of the event. 

Through the realization of these trainings, the Macedonian Red Cross aimed to strengthen the capacities of the national societies in the field of providing First aid, as well as for the improving the organization and realization of different simulation exercises, various events, as well as first aid competitions. 

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