October 31, 2018

Trainings for protection and self-protection in case of disasters intended for kindergarten children

Within the framework of the Program for Disaster Preparedness and Response, with the financial support of UNICEF, in November 2017, the Macedonia Red Cross started the implementation of a project aimed at preparing the educational staff for acting in conditions of natural disasters in order to reduce  the risks that kindergartens and primary schools can face in Gevgelija, Kumanovo and Skopje “.Within the third phase of the project, 7 trainings for protection and self-protection in case of disaster for kindergartens were conducted. A total of 218 children attended the trainings.

The trainings were conducted in the following educational institutions:PMIC “R.J. Korchagin” , Pinocchio, Municipality of Centar, PMIC “Snezana” -,Dzuginja, municipality of Cair, PMIC “Veseli Cvetovi, Sinolica, municipality Kisela Voda, PMIC “May 25 “- Sonce, Gazi Baba municipality, PMIC ” Rosica “- Detelinka , Gjorche Petrov municipality, PMIC ” Angjel Sejce “- Pchelka facility, Kumanovo municipality, PMIC ” Children’s Joy “- building Cvetovi, Gevgelija municipality

In accordance with the project activities and in accordance with the prepared manual for disaster risk reduction in kindergartens, the Macedonian Red Cross for the first time prepared a module for education of kindergarten children for protection and self-protection in case of disasters. Through the section and through games, trained educators of the Macedonian Red Cross addressed the following topics:

  • Hiding under the table, introducing children to safe and proper protection in case of an earthquake,
  • We play little train, safe and proper evacuation together with the teacher
  • Help your friend, get acquainted with the basics of first aid and provide first aid using a bear/ toy
  • Wash your hands, a hygiene promotion activity, more precisely steps for proper hand washing to prevent the spread of diseases.

The games, in particular the module, is designed to support children and reduce panic in case of disasters, where through games  we  will  prevent and upgrade  their knowledge to reduce risks in case of disasters.

The same module will be used in realization of the simulation exercises planned in the project activities in all covered educational institutions.

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